Some Interesting Kitchen Trends…

It’s widely known that a kitchen can sell a house… so here at Pageburn Properties, we spend a little time keeping on top of current trends to make sure that when we renovate a kitchen in a property, we’re staying contemporary, yet timeless and generally appealing to anyone that walks into one of our homes.

On a recent peek through kitchen trend articles online (for any other renovation lovers out there, you know how fun this part can be!!), I found some interesting trends that may or may not find themselves in our homes, but are definitely fun to consider!

Colored kitchen sinks!

Whaaat you say?? Certainly doesn’t sound timeless, but fun for a pop of color, for sure. Especially if it matches a color in the backsplash. Look at this green one:

Photo by Kohler

Glossy White Appliances!

While stainless steel appliances are still very fashionable and are usually considered the top-of-the-line option, there are many instances where glossy white appliances might fit the bill better. In an all-white kitchen, for example – especially if it is on the small side. Or if you find that stainless steel is just too hard to keep clean. Whirlpool’s White Ice collection apparently has a glossy, glass-like sheen (I’ve yet to check them out in person), which according to some articles, is turning out to be very popular.

Photo by

[I personally LOVE wood countertops, like in the photo above. However, I probably wouldn’t put them into a remodel; they’re just not to everyone’s taste]

Glossy, Warm Metallics!

Yeah, sorry, I’m not so sold on this trend… I know Retro-chic lovers out there are probably scorning me, but I spend so much time looking at old, degraded 70’s brass fixtures in old houses that scream “rip me out!” that I can’t see anything but those when I look at their new replicas. But some people are lapping them up! *shudder*

Photo source unknown

Furniture Style Design!

Is that a buffet, or kitchen cabinets & counter?? Pieces of the kitchen that look more like moveable furniture than blocky cabinets stuck to the floor, bring an element of comfort and ease to the space.

photo source unknown

So whatever new kitchen trends you decide upon when you remodel your kitchen, do try to keep the future in mind… Even if you don’t think you will ever want to sell your house, pretend that you will. If you don’t want to have to redo the kitchen again before you sell it, then keep it timeless, functional and generally appealing. If you can afford to redo it before you sell it, you can afford to take a few more design risks and try out some wacky trends!